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Our extensive editing and proofreading service conveys concise, accurate information that allows you to present a professional image.


We are capable of accomodating small businesses, non-profits or large corporations. Your company’s written communication is important in securing and retaining customers. Email your document and we’ll assist your business in providing alluring communication geared toward your target audience.

Trust us with your dissertation, thesis, and admissions essay editing!


Whether you’ve worked endless hours on a abstract/essay, or spent months perfecting a project; a final edit makes all the difference.


Expert editing and proofreading provides your work with a distinct edge. Clear, competent and skilled writing can boost your grade point average or strengthen your chances of obtaining access to schools, programs and scholarships. The Writing Doctor will assist in catapulting your paper from good to great. 

The alliance between you and your editor is an essential part of the publication process. Our editors can assist you if you’re working on a creative piece, unfinished draft or a final submission. We can assist you in writing a query letter or offer one on one coaching for extensive projects.


With our unprecedented support, the final step to getting your work published is only an email away. We understand the importance of preserving a writer’s perspective therefore we edit while allowing your original ideas to remain intact. You can move one step closer to your goals with The Writing Doctor: Proofing and Editing services for writers. 

Website Design/Content Edit

Your website speaks volumes about your business and quality of service. Many clients will meet business owners for the first time through their website. We can show you exactly which parts of your content works well and what you can do to enhance it. 


If English is your second language, our team is prepared to work directly with you to enhance your editing experience. Our ESL editing team specializes in English grammar, will proofread your writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. We’ll also assist you with the more advanced aspects of the language while effectively communicating your ideas, understanding different expressions, and ensuring flow.


We've all heard the saying, "the first impression is your lasting impression." Although we often relate this with face to face meetings, this is also true on paper. Resumes and cover letters should be a reflection of your personality/work ethic. A polished, error-free, and concise resume is mandatory when attempting to impress any employer. Any language errors or factual inconsistencies in your resume could damage your credibility, diminshing any chance of a face to face interview. 


We will edit and proofread your resume, cover letter, or even your job application to ensure that they are free from all errors. We will also ensure consistency of information. Ultimately guareenting a flawless document.

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