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Dr. Lorneka Joseph

Dr. Lorneka Joseph is a certified life and wellness coach. This native of The Bahamas is also a speaker and graduate of Florida A & M University with a doctorate in pharmacy and minor in communications. Dr. Lorneka inspires others to come alive personally and professionally. As a 2016 Miami Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame inductee for her community efforts, Dr. Lorneka believes that accountability is the heartbeat of success.

Dr. Lorneka is the president of Brightly Awake. Brightly Awake is a company that provides coaching, consulting and trainings for individuals and companies around the world. She currently serves as the life coach for Miss Bahamas Universe 2018 and the benefactor of the Dr. Lorneka Joseph Public service award for Miss Teen Bahamas Scholar program.

Dr. Lorneka believes that having faithful friends is good for the soul but it's a bonus when your friend is your business partner. And as a consulting partner with The Writing Doctor, Dr. Randle and I serve our clients well. Every client is unique, which is why we spend most of our time listening and communicating with our clients throughout the publishing process. When Dr. Lorneka is not coaching or speaking, she enjoys spending time with her family, swimming and singing as if no one is listening. You can learn more about Dr. Lorneka by visiting

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